Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Adam Lashbrook is a Vile & Sick Braindead Zombie.

In this disturbing video we listen to Adam Lashbrook bombard Andy Devine of a torrent of vile and insidious abuse, calling him a "piece of shit," "paedophile" and "sick in the head."

Adam Lashbrook

Surely if anyone is "sick in the head," it's he who shows himself as a brain head zombie.

Adam (AJ) Lashbrook

Its shocking in the most extreme listening to this maniac lambast Andy Devine for having an opinion, which has caused no harm, loss or injury to anyone, while he himself has been found guilty of animal abuse.

As you will read yourself, Adam Lashbrook has the cheek of the Devil to call other people out to be "sick," while he himself has been accused of bestiality, flying drones over school playgrounds and killing innocent animals. 

Adam Lashrook is a disgrace to humanity and his vile tirade against Andy Devine proves it without a shadow of a doubt.

Tailor in the Fruit-Nutter's News Again!


Tuesday, November 17, 2020

"Come On Divvy Let's Get This On."

Dougall, the rabid dog of The Satanic Magic Round-about, has treated :Andrew :Devine with war, with the rallying cry, "Come on Divvy, let's get this on."

Anticipating three copyright claims from :Andrew :Devine, and as a result losing a Youtube channel created specifically to troll :Devine; Trouser Mouse aka Dougal the Rabid Dog, has boasted of created 7 more channels, specifically to carry on stalking and trolling :Devine.

Clearly mentally deranged and more time on his hands that he knows what to do with, Dougall the Rabid Dog has lost all sense of humanity and common scene by relishing the opportunity to escalate his hate campaign against a person he has never met or knows on a personal basis.

Very strange behaviour from a maniac.

Monday, November 9, 2020

"Matt Taylor," too dangerous to be named in public...

Too dangerous to be named in public, due to a number of court orders banning his name from being mentioned, Mr.X from Brighton continues to be named and featured in a number of Youtube Channels, notably by Alan Mitchell (Plisko the Leg End), Adam Lashbrook (Un-listed), Richard Dougall (Trouser Mouse) and Linden Warden (Danny Jones - HoaxPolice).

Dougall's Necro Porn Shocker

Dougall, famous from the 1960's/70's The Magic Round-About show, has been arrested today following a damn raid, in which necrophilic pornography has been seized.

Trouse Mouse - Stop!

An unknown Troll, who hides under the Sock Puppet name of 'Trouse Mouse,' (suspected to be Richard Dougall) has published two videos which mention me, both on 8 November 2020.

This is clearly harassment. These videos are causing me alarm, distress and fear. And I wish them to be removed with immediate effect.

The question needs to be asked- is why is he posting videos about me, dragging up the past, which violates Police and Court Orders specifying my name must not be mentioned in public.

Matt Taylor is a ‘Psychotic Child Abuser’